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Model CO15E
Hand held portable unit replaces old T78. Strip cutter for plastic laminates & veneers. Quick and easy to use. Obtain a clean and splinter free cut with no waste. Cutting thickness can be adjusted with a micrometer. A metric and inches scale can be used for easy adjustment of strip width.

  • The new and improved metal bracket made of a special alloy provides stronger hold and stability for the guide fence.
  • The fence is also bolted at both ends for extra strength. The unit is also equipped with a special lock knob assembly for a tighter locking of metal bracket that holds the fence.
  • Cutting width:1/2 to 4.33″, (12-100 mm). Cutting depth; 0-3/32″, (0-2 mm).
  • Weight: 2.7 Pounds (1.2 Kg).
  • T78B Pair of spare cutting wheels.
  • T78E- Extension for cutter wheels.
  • TK78- Bench mount stand/clamp. For mounting the slitter to the table and run the laminate through it. Weight: 1.7 Pounds
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Product Number: CO15L
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