Wood Veneer Edge Banding IronOn

Wood Veneer Edge Banding IronOn : Iron On – Pre-Glued (250 foot rolls, Automatic without glue 500 foot rolls.) All veneer Edge banding is also available with Peel and Stick EeeZeeEdge adhesive. Master rolls are available for slitting to width. Standard widths are in stock for same day shipping. Premium grade wood veneer edge banding is laminated to a continuous fleece backing. Fleecing stabilizes the wood veneer edge tape minimizing checking, splintering, chipping and moisture problems commonly associated with unbacked wood veneer edge tape.  

In Stock for Same Day Shipping:

Alder – Anigre Figured – Anigre No Figure – Ash – Bambo0 Light – Bamboo Carmel – Beech, – Birch, – Birdseye Maple – Bubinga – Cherry – Cherry Q/C – Cypress –  Ebony Macassar Q/C – English Brown Oak – Eucalyptus Plain Green Q/C – Etimo – Fir Verical – Hickory – Mahogany – Iroko – Lacewood  Australian – Lyptus – Maple – Maple Figured – Maple Q/C – Makore – Multiply – Pecan – Eucalyptus – Pine White Clear – Poplar – Pearwood Swiss – Red Birch – Red Oak – Red Oak Rift  – Rosewood African – Etimo – Rosewood Santos – Sapele – Sycamore English Figured – Teak – Walnut – Walnut Q/C – Wenge – White Oak – White Oak Rift – Zebra Wood (Zebrano)

Pre-Finished Wood Veneer Edge Banding Same Day Shipping.

Cherry – Birch – Maple – Mahogany – Red Oak –  Sapele – Walnut – White Oak

Custom Color Matched Pre-Stained and Pre-Fished is available with or without hot melt adhesive.

For Matching Color PVC Edgebanding, see our Match Look-Up tab for EdgeCo’s  PVC color matching edge banding  and find your match. All major brands including – Abet Edge Banding, Arpa Edge Banding, American Laminates Edge Banding, Arborite Edge Banding, Dixielam Edge Banding, Duramine Edge Banding, Arauco-Flakeboard Edge Banding, Formica Edge Banding, Funder Edge Banding Edge Banding, KML Edge Banding, Laminart, Nevamar Edge Banding, Panolam, Pionite Edge Banding, Pluswood Edge Banding, Premoule Edge Banding, Roseburg Edge Banding, Stevens Edge Banding, Tafisa, Uniboard Edge Banding and Wilson Art Edge Banding can be searched here.

Melamine and Polyester: 2-Ply Pre-GluedSuitable for iron-on and forced hot air applications.
Stocking Colors:
1057 Black7010 Natural Maple
1065 Almond7040 Sapele Mahoghany
1070 Folkstone7045 Wild Cherry
1079 White7047 Yorkshire Cherry
1086 Fog Gray7006 Peach Contempo
1312 Antique White7008 Natural Oak
 7201 Summer Flame 7052 Pearwood
 7246 Chocolate Pear 7231 Candle Light
 7029 Fusion Maple 7042 Hard Rock Maple