Peel Stick Edge Banding PVC Wood Veneer

Peel Stick Edge Banding PVC Wood Veneer

Peel & Stick EeeZeeEdge Edgebanding adheres to MDF, Flakeboard,  Plywood and Foamcore.

Ideal for curves and shapes.

“A Simple Solution That Really Sticks!”

Custom services include: Custom color production runs of PVC, ABS, Custom Stained Wood Veneer edgebanding – slitting to width from 5”- 8” master rolls – applying hot melt glue for forced hot air application –  Peel Stick Edge Banding PVC Wood Veneer  PSA adhesives for an EeeZeeEdge application. “A Simple Solution that Really Sticks!”

PVC edgebanding is available for same day shipping. More than 1800 PVC edge banding matches are in stock.  PVC edge banding color matches are available with hot melt adhesive (Airbanding) for hot air edgebanders and peel and stick adhesive (EeeZeeEdge). EdgeCo maintains North America’s most comprehensive inventory of edgebanding that includes  PVC edge banding, Peel and Stick – PSA edgetape, Iron On edgebanding, Wood Veneer edgebanding, melamine edgebanding, polyester edge banding, Acrylic edge banding, Metallic edgebanding, Hot Melt edgebander adhesives and Flexible Wood Veneer Sheets.

See PVC Match Look-Up tab for EdgeCo’s Tafisa PVC edge banding Color Match-Look UP and find your match. Tafisa and all major brands including – Abet Edge Banding, Arpa Edge Banding, American Laminates Edge Banding, Arborite Edge Banding, Dixielam Edge Banding, Duramine Edge Banding, Arauco-Flakeboard Edge Banding, Formica Edge Banding, Funder Edge Banding Edge Banding, KML Edge Banding, Laminart, Nevamar Edge Banding, Panolam, Pionite Edge Banding, Pluswood Edge Banding, Premoule Edge Banding, Roseburg Edge Banding, Stevens Edge Banding, Tafisa, Uniboard Edge Banding and Wilson Art Edge Banding can be searched here.

 Wood Veneer Edgebanding: Over 50 species wood veneer edge banding. With or without hot melt adhesive. Master Rolls are available to be slit to sizes up to eight inches depending on specie. Available with Peel and Stick – Hot Melt – Automatic. Pre-finished wood veneer edge tape edge banding is in stock in: Maple- Birch -Red Oak – White Oak – Walnut – Cherry and Mahogany. Custom color prefinished is available as a custom production run. All veneers are premium architectural grade with fine crafted finger joints. Long lengths are utilized to minimize the quantity of finger joints.

Metal Metallic EdgeCo Edge Banding