Screw Covers Peel and Stick

Conceal and protect exposed screws with EdgeCo’s Screw Covers – Caps with peel and stick adhesive and match all major brands of TFL and HPL. Screw Covers are used to conceal and protect screws. Hundreds of the most popular color matching are in stock and available for same day shipping. More than 1800 color matches are readily available for production and on time delivery. Screw Covers – Caps peel and stick add that final professional touch to any project. These Screw covers – caps hide screw heads from view. Easy to use– just pop into place!

Application Instructions
– Screw Covers Caps Bonding surface must be dust free.
– Remove Screw Caps from the backing and position over screw.
– Apply maximum pressure to assure maximum bond.
– Note: Bond reaches 90% strength in 72 hours.

Product Line
Product. No.
EdgeCo No.
Product LineProduct NameProduct NumberEdgeCo NumberView Image
Uniboard Edge BandingMillennium Oak 5887-NT Formica Screw Covers5887-NT7697
Uniboard Edge BandingPlatinum 934 Uniboard Screw Covers9349246
Uniboard Edge BandingRiva H52 Uniboard Screw CoversH527087
TafisaPortobello L495 Tafisa Screw CoversL4957493
Wilson Art Edge BandingPhantom Charcoal 8214K-28 Wilsonart Screw Covers8214K-287841
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept Pewter 4795 Wilsonart Screw Covers47959203
Wilson Art Edge BandingPasadena Oak 7986-38 Wilsonart Screw Covers7986-387401
Wilson Art Edge BandingStudio Teak 7960-18 Wilsonart Screw Covers7960-187513
Wilson Art Edge BandingVeranda Teak 8209K-28 Wilsonart Screw Covers8209K-287851
Wilson Art Edge BandingDesigner White D354 Wilsonart Screw CoversD3541253
Wilson Art Edge BandingColumbian Walnut 7943-7 Wilsonart Screw Covers7943-77425
Wilson Art Edge BandingNepal Teak 7209-78 Wilsonart Screw Covers7209-787015
Wilson Art Edge BandingCongo Spruce 7062 Wilsonart Screw Covers70627084
Wilson Art Edge BandingSkyline Walnut WA7964 Wilsonart Screw CoversWA79647717
Wilson Art Edge BandingKhaki Brown WAD50 Wilsonart Screw CoversWAD501212
PanolamField Cherry W684 Panolam Screw CoversW6847168
PanolamMahogany W372 Panolam Screw CoversW3727024
PanolamFusion Maple W268 Panolam Screw CoversW2687029
PanolamCappuccino Maple W169 Panolam Screw CoversW1697172
PanolamLooks Likeatre W163 Panolam Screw CoversW1637476
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingAshen SF232 Arauco Screw CoversSF2321819
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingAntique White SF210 Arauco Screw CoversSF2101721
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingBlack Cathedral BLK100 Arauco Screw CoversBLK1007059
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingDiva WF375 Arauco Screw CoversWF3757745
Uniboard Edge BandingCanvas K2 Uniboard Screw CoversK29510
Uniboard Edge BandingFrequency K20 Uniboard Screw CoversK209509
TafisaCasting At First Light M2007Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2007Y7811
TafisaRain Cloud L760 Tafisa Screw CoversL7601784
TafisaRocky Mountain L557 Tafisa Screw CoversL5577705
Uniboard Edge BandingChino K19 Uniboard Screw CoversK199508
Uniboard Edge BandingCassis K17 Uniboard Screw CoversK177824
Uniboard Edge BandingCannes K15 Uniboard Screw CoversK157822
Uniboard Edge BandingNizza K13 Uniboard Screw CoversK137820
Uniboard Edge BandingSky Brushed Elm H54 Uniboard Screw CoversH547800
Uniboard Edge BandingSheer Linen G20 Uniboard Screw Covers1387931
Uniboard Edge BandingStainless 961 Uniboard Screw Covers9619250
Uniboard Edge BandingCayenne Maple 766 Uniboard Screw Covers7667153
Uniboard Edge BandingCharcoal 123 Uniboard Screw Covers1231698
TafisaNew Wave M2041 Tafisa Screw CoversM20417907
TafisaCreme De La Creme M2031 Tafisa Screw CoversM20317902
TafisaApres Ski M2015Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2015Y7814
TafisaSummertime Blues M2013Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2013Y7860
TafisaStargazer M2011Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2011Y7815
TafisaAfter Hours M2010Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2010Y7818
TafisaTea For Two M2006Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2006Y7812
TafisaSunday Brunch M2005Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2005Y7817
TafisaWinter Fun M2004Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2004Y7816
TafisaSunset Cruise M2002Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2002Y7810
TafisaTete A Tete M2001Y Tafisa Screw CoversM2001Y7813
TafisaFrost Flower L823 Tafisa Screw CoversL8239515
TafisaBrunito Cherry L807 Tafisa Screw CoversL8077297
TafisaVeil Of Mist L766 Tafisa Screw CoversL7661790
TafisaMorning Dew L763 Tafisa Screw CoversL7631813
TafisaMoonlight L761 Tafisa Screw CoversL7611786
TafisaUngava Bay L566 Tafisa Screw CoversL5667737
TafisaFogo Harbour L565 Tafisa Screw CoversL5657736
TafisaLauerentian Path L556 Tafisa Screw CoversL5567704
TafisaMaritime Dune L555 Tafisa Screw CoversL5557703
TafisaBeachwood L550 Tafisa Screw CoversL5507668
TafisaSpring Blossom L543 Tafisa Screw CoversL5437667
TafisaWinter Cherry L541 Tafisa Screw CoversL5417665
TafisaSummer Breeze L540 Tafisa Screw CoversL5407664
TafisaRiver Rock L538 Tafisa Screw CoversL5387732
TafisaBreakwater L537 Tafisa Screw CoversL5377731
TafisaChinook L536 Tafisa Screw CoversL5367730
TafisaSouthwestern L535 Tafisa Screw CoversL5357729
TafisaNorthwestern L534 Tafisa Screw CoversL5347728
TafisaLatitude East L533 Tafisa Screw CoversL5337663
TafisaLatitude West L532 Tafisa Screw CoversL5327662
TafisaLatitude North L530 Tafisa Screw CoversL5307660
TafisaRustik Cherry L521 Tafisa Screw CoversL5217255
TafisaOslo L501 Tafisa Screw CoversL5017506
TafisaMilk ChocolateL493 Tafisa Screw CoversL4937503
TafisaHot Cinnamon L480 Tafisa Screw CoversL4807415
TafisaTruffle L479 Tafisa Screw CoversL4797406
TafisaRuby Planked Maple L478 Tafisa Screw CoversL4787555
TafisaTuxedo L477 Tafisa Screw CoversL4777394
TafisaPrestige Maple L476 Tafisa Screw CoversL4767046
TafisaChocolate Pear L444 Tafisa Screw CoversL4447246
TafisaCandleLight L421 Tafisa Screw CoversL4217231
TafisaSummer Flame L420 Tafisa Screw CoversL4207201
TafisaHardrock Maple L363 Tafisa Screw CoversL3637010
TafisaHardrock Maple L303 Tafisa Screw CoversL3037042
TafisaSummer Drops Isola L202 Tafisa Screw CoversL2021802
TafisaRhapsody K585 Tafisa Screw CoversK5857960
TafisaChameleon K584 Tafisa Screw CoversK5847959
TafisaFirst Class K583 Tafisa Screw CoversK5837958
TafisaFashionista K582 Tafisa Screw CoversK5827957
TafisaSheer Beauty L581 Tafisa Screw CoversL5817956
TafisaCherry Blossom L499 Tafisa Screw CoversL4997291
TafisaSnowfall Tafisa L105 Screw CoversL1051800
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingMysterious SF247 Arauco Screw CoversSF2471847