Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Edge Banding Color Match Lookup  –  Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Use the below Color Matching PVC Edge banding look up tool to find your Edge banding color match. All color matching edge banding is available with peel and stick EeeZeeEdge or hot melt adhesive Air Banding for forced hot air edgebanding machines.

Edgebander Glue Pellets Cartridges

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TafisaAfter Hours M2010Y Tafisa Edge BandingM2010Y7818XX
TafisaAllegro L483 Tafisa Edge BandingL4837701X
TafisaAlmond Cherry L457 Tafisa Edge BandingL4577672X
TafisaAlmond L200 Tafisa Edge BandingL2001065XXXXXXXXX
TafisaAlmondine L258 Tafisa Edge BandingL2581065XXXXXXXXX
TafisaAntigua L498 Tafisa Edge BandingL4987496X
TafisaAntique Whitewash L475 Tafisa Edge BandingL4757358X
TafisaAppalachia L552 Tafisa Edge BandingL5527948X
TafisaApres-Ski M2015Y Tafisa Edge BandingM2015Y7814XX
TafisaAutumn Leaves L542 Tafisa Edge BandingL542 (A)7666XXXX
TafisaBarnwood L539 Tafisa Edge BandingL539 (A)7733X
TafisaBaron Wenge L482 Tafisa Edge BandingL4827418 DISC.X
TafisaBeach Memories L491 Tafisa Edge BandingL4917502X
TafisaBeachwood L550 Tafisa Edge BandingL550 (A)7668X
TafisaBlack L203 Tafisa Edge BandingL2031057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaBlack Magic L487 Tafisa Edge BandingL4877692X
TafisaBlack Tie M2035 Tafisa Edge BandingM20357906X
TafisaBoardwalk L551 Tafisa Edge BandingL551 (A)7669X
TafisaBora Bora L497 Tafisa Edge BandingL4977495XX
TafisaBrass Band M2053 Tafisa Edge BandingM20537910X
TafisaBreakwater L537 Tafisa Edge BandingL537 (A)7731X
TafisaBrunito Cherry L807 Tafisa Edge BandingL8077297XXX
TafisaBrushed Aluminum L474 Tafisa Edge BandingL4749250XXX
TafisaCandlelight L421 Tafisa Edge BandingL4217231XXXXXX
TafisaCappuccino Cherry L458 Tafisa Edge BandingL4587299XX
TafisaCaramel Maple L490 Tafisa Edge BandingL4907693X
TafisaCasting At First Light M2007Y Tafisa Edge BandingM2007Y7811XX
TafisaChalbi Clay L570 Tafisa Edge BandingL570 (O)7739X
TafisaCherry Blossom L449 Tafisa Edge BandingL4497291XX
TafisaChinook L536 Tafisa Edge BandingL536 (A)7730X
TafisaChocolate Pear Tree L444 Tafisa Edge BandingL4447246XXXXXXXXX
TafisaClassic Cherry L657 Tafisa Edge BandingL6577438X
TafisaClassic Maple L445 Tafisa Edge BandingL4457147X
TafisaClassic White L178 Tafisa Edge BandingL1781079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaCognac Cherry L448 Tafisa Edge BandingL4487463 DISC.XX
TafisaConcerto L485 Tafisa Edge BandingL4857420XX
TafisaCopa Cabana L489 Tafisa Edge BandingL4897422X
TafisaCreme De La Creme M2031 Tafisa Edge BandingM20317902X
TafisaDark Chocolate L494 Tafisa Edge BandingL4947504XX
TafisaDark Rum Cherry L473 Tafisa Edge BandingL4737361X
TafisaDark Zebrano L467 Tafisa Edge BandingL4677330 DISC.X
TafisaDaybreak L764-isola Tafisa Edge BandingL764 (I)1807X
TafisaDaybreak L764-origen Tafisa Edge BandingL764 (O)1808X
TafisaDesert Rose L502 Tafisa Edge BandingL502 (I)7855XX
TafisaDolce Vita L488 Tafisa Edge BandingL4887421X
TafisaEvening Star L770 Tafisa Edge BandingL770 (I)1834X
TafisaFashionista K582 Tafisa Edge BandingK5827957X
TafisaFidlar L363 Tafisa Edge BandingL3637010 DISC.XXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaFirenze Cherry L805 Tafisa Edge BandingL8057299X
TafisaFirst Class K583 Tafisa Edge BandingK5837958X
TafisaFirst Dance M2051 Tafisa Edge BandingM20517908X
TafisaFlamenco Cherry L462 Tafisa Edge BandingL4627324 DISC.X
TafisaFogo Harbour L565 Tafisa Edge BandingL565 (O)7736X
TafisaForce of Nature K830 Tafisa Edge BandingK8307961X
TafisaFree Spirit K580 Tafisa Edge BandingK5807955X
TafisaFrost Flower L823 Tafisa Edge BandingL823 (I)9515X
TafisaFroth Of The Sea L080 Tafisa Edge BandingL0801079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaGanache M2055 Tafisa Edge BandingM20557912X
TafisaGinger Snap Fruitwood L518 Tafisa Edge BandingL5187253 DISC.X
TafisaGlacier White L191 Tafisa Edge BandingL1911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaGlobe Trotter L1001 (Compatible solid color)L10011815X
TafisaGolden Light M2052 Tafisa Edge BandingM20527909X
TafisaGrenada L499 Tafisa Edge BandingL4997475X
TafisaHard Rock Maple L303 Tafisa Edge BandingL3037042XXXXXXXXX
TafisaHome Sweet Home M2034 Tafisa Edge BandingM20347905X
TafisaHot Cinnamon L480 Tafisa Edge BandingL4807415X
TafisaHot Fudge L469 Tafisa Edge BandingL4697244X
TafisaIvory L204 Tafisa Edge BandingL2041721XXXX
TafisaKaroo Ash L571 Tafisa Edge BandingL571 (O)7740X
TafisaLambada Cherry L461 Tafisa Edge BandingL4617326 DISC.
TafisaLatitude East L533 Tafisa Edge BandingL533 (A)7663XXXX
TafisaLatitude North L530 Tafisa Edge BandingL530 (A)7660XXXX
TafisaLatitude South L531 Tafisa Edge BandingL531 (A)7661XXX
TafisaLatitude West L532 Tafisa Edge BandingL5327662XX
TafisaLaurentian Path L556 Tafisa Edge BandingL5567704X
TafisaMahogany L309 Tafisa Edge BandingL3097175X
TafisaMariposa L568Tafisa Edge BandingL5687952X
TafisaMaritime Dune L555 Tafisa Edge BandingL5557703X
TafisaMeadows Cove L567 Tafisa Edge BandingL567 (O)7738X
TafisaMegantic L563 Tafisa Edge BandingL5637950X
TafisaMidnight Stroll L423 Tafisa Edge BandingL4237237X
TafisaMidnight Sun L765 Tafisa Edge BandingL765 (I)1832XX
TafisaMilk Chocolate L493 Tafisa Edge BandingL4937503XX
TafisaMilky Way L767 Tafisa Edge BandingL7671791X
TafisaMojave L546 Tafisa Edge BandingL5467947X
TafisaMoka Cherry L459 Tafisa Edge BandingL4597323X
TafisaMonaco L496 Tafisa Edge BandingL4967494X
TafisaMoonlight L761 Tafisa Edge BandingL7611786X
TafisaMorning Dew L763 Origen Tafisa Edge BandingL763 (O)1814X
TafisaMorning Dew L763 Tafisa Edge BandingL7631813XX
TafisaNew Wave M2041 Tafisa Edge BandingM20417907X
TafisaNiagara L544 Tafisa Edge BandingL5447946X
TafisaNight Owl M2056 Tafisa Edge BandingM20567913X
TafisaNorthern Plain L545 Tafisa Edge BandingL5457702X
TafisaNorthwestern L534 Tafisa Edge BandingL534 (A)7728X
TafisaNutmeg L481 Tafisa Edge BandingL4817767X
TafisaOpera L486 Tafisa Edge BandingL4867406XX
TafisaOslo L501 Tafisa Edge BandingL5017506XXX
TafisaPalomino High L575 Tafisa Edge BandingL575 (O)7741X
TafisaPassion L422 Tafisa Edge BandingL4227211XX
TafisaPortobello L495 Tafisa Edge BandingL4957493XX
TafisaPrestige Maple L476 Tafisa Edge BandingL4767046X
TafisaRain Cloud L760 Tafisa Edge BandingL7601784X
TafisaRed Oak L302 Tafisa Edge BandingL3027107 DISC.X
TafisaRhapsody K585 Edge BandingK5857960X
TafisaRiver Rock L538 Tafisa Edge BandingL538 (A)7732XX
TafisaRock Solid K831 Tafisa Edge BandingK8317962X
TafisaRocky Mountain L557 Tafisa Edge BandingL5577705X
TafisaRuby Planked Maple L478 Tafisa Edge BandingL4787555XX
TafisaRustik Cherry L521 Tafisa Edge BandingL5217255XXX
TafisaSable Island L562 Tafisa Edge BandingL5627949X
TafisaSamba Cherry L460 Tafisa Edge BandingL4607328X
TafisaSea Fog L769 Tafisa Edge BandingL769 (I)1833X
TafisaSecret L443 Tafisa Edge BandingL4437141X
TafisaShadows L201 Tafisa Edge BandingL2011086XXXXXXXXX
TafisaSheer Beauty K581 Tafisa Edge BandingK5817956X
TafisaShiraz Cherry L472 Tafisa Edge BandingL4727360XXX
TafisaSiena Cherry L804 Tafisa Edge BandingL8047298 DISC.X
TafisaSimply Gallant M2033 Tafisa Edge BandingM20337904X
TafisaSlate L228 (I) Tafisa Edge BandingL2281831X
TafisaSmithy Street L560 Tafisa Edge BandingL560 (O)7734X
TafisaSnowfall L105 Isola Tafisa Edge BandingL105 (I)1800X
TafisaSnowfall L105 Origen Tafisa Edge BandingL105 (O)1801X
TafisaSouthwestern L535 Tafisa Edge BandingL535 (A)7729X
TafisaSpring Blossom L543 Tafisa Edge BandingL543 (A)7667XXXX
TafisaStargazer M2001Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2011Y7815XX
TafisaStarry Night L762 Isola Tafisa Edge BandingL762 (I)
TafisaStarry Night L762 Isola Tafisa Edge BandingL7621805XX
TafisaSugar On Ice M2014Y Tafisa Edge BandingM2014Y (I)7861XX
TafisaSugarloaf Maple L630 Tafisa Edge BandingL6307500XX
TafisaSummer Breeze L540 Tafisa Edge BandingL540 (A)7664XXX
TafisaSummer Drops L202 Isola Tafisa Edge BandingL202 (I)1802X
TafisaSummer Drops L202 Origen Tafisa Edge BandingL202 (o)1803X
TafisaSummer Drops L202 Tafisa Edge BandingL2021070XXXXXXXXXX
TafisaSummer Flame L420 Tafisa Edge BandingL4207201XXXXXXXX
TafisaSummertime Blues M2013Y Tafisa Edge BandingM2013Y (I)7860XX
TafisaSunday Brunch M2005Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2005Y7817XX
TafisaSunday Stroll M2054 Tafisa Edge BandingM20547911X
TafisaSundown L768 Isola Tafisa Edge BandingL768 (I)1809X
TafisaSundown L768 Origen Tafisa Edge BandingL768 (O)1810X
TafisaSunset Cruise M2002Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2002Y7810XX
TafisaSuomi BirchL3667075 DISC.X
TafisaSymphony L484 Tafisa Edge BandingL4847419X
TafisaTafisa Colors Matching PVC EdgebandingTafisaTafisaXX
TafisaTanners Lane L561 Tafisa Edge BandingL561 (O)7735X
TafisaTawny Port L471 Tafisa Edge BandingL4717359XX
TafisaTea for Two M2006Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2006Y7812XX
TafisaTete A Tete M2001Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2001Y7813XX
TafisaThe Chameleon K584 Tafisa Edge BandingK5847959X
TafisaTofino L564 Tafisa Edge BandingL5647951X
TafisaTreasure Trove M2032 Tafisa Edge BandingM20327903X
TafisaTruffle L479 Tafisa Edge BandingL4797406XX
TafisaTuxedo L477 Tafisa Edge BandingL4777394XX
TafisaUngava Bay L566 Tafisa Edge BandingL566 (O)7737XX
TafisaUrban Ranger L1000 (Compatible solid color)L1000 (C)1811X
TafisaUrban Vibe L832 Tafisa Edge BandingL8327963X
TafisaVanilla Orchid L100 PVC EdgebandingL1001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaVeil Of Mist L766 Tafisa Edge BandingL7661790X
TafisaVery Chic L666 Tafisa Edge BandingL6667350X
TafisaWeekend Getaway M2003 Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2003Y7819XX
TafisaWhite Chocolate L492 Tafisa Edge BandingL4927506XXX
TafisaWhite L175 Tafisa Edge BandingL1751253XXXXXXXXXX
TafisaWinter Cherry L541 Tafisa Edge BandingL541 (A)7665XX
TafisaWinter Fun M2004Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2004Y7816XX
TafisaWoodlawn Cherry L367 Tafisa Edge BandingL3677168XXX