Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Edge Banding Color Match Lookup  –  Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Use the below Color Matching PVC Edge banding look up tool to find your Edge banding color match. All color matching edge banding is available with peel and stick EeeZeeEdge or hot melt adhesive Air Banding for forced hot air edgebanding machines.

Edgebander Glue Pellets Cartridges

Product Lines
Prod. No.
Edgeco No.
Master Coils

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KML Edge BandingAlabama 7922 KML Screw Covers09477028X Snow
KML Edge BandingBrighton Walnut 7922 KML Screw Covers79227489X Snow
KML Edge BandingFusion Maple 7909 KML Screw Covers79097029X Snow
KML Edge BandingWenge 7129 Smooth KML Edge Banding (7/8 ONLY)7129 KMD7680XX Snow
KML Edge BandingManitoba Maple 7911 KML Edge Banding7911 KMW7053X Snow
KML Edge BandingFusion Maple 7909 KML Edge Banding7909 KMW7029XXXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingBlond Echo 7939 KML Edge Banding7939 KMW7423X Snow
KML Edge BandingTan Echo 7941 KML Edge Banding7941 KMW7424X Snow
KML Edge BandingSolar Oak 7816 KML Edge Banding7816 KMW7086XX Snow
KML Edge BandingChocolate Pearwood 1552 KML Edge Banding1552 KMAH7246XXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingColumbian Walnut 7943 KML Edge Banding7943 KMW7425XX Snow
KML Edge BandingAloe 7962 KML Edge Banding7962 KMW7530X Snow
KML Edge BandingRio 7947 KML Edge Banding7947 KMW7485X Snow
KML Edge BandingTenino White 0955 KML Edge Banding0955 KMD7004XX Snow
KML Edge BandingPewter Brush 4779 KML Edge Banding4779 KMW9431X Snow
KML Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039 KML Edge Banding7039 KMW7025X Snow
KML Edge BandingRainer White 0710 KML Edge Banding0710 KMD1668XXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingBrighton Walnut 7922 KML Edge Banding7922 KMW7489XX Snow
KML Edge BandingAlmond 0730 KML Edge Banding0730 KMD1065XXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingFolkstone 0601 KML Edge Banding0601 KMAU1070XXXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingFog Grey 0722 KML Edge Banding0722 KMD1086XXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingBlack 0002 KML Edge Banding0002 KMAU1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Snow
KML Edge BandingAsian Night 7949 KML Edge Banding7949 KMW7429XXX Snow
KML Edge BandingAsian Sand 7952 KML Edge Banding7952 KMW7508X Snow
KML Edge BandingAsian Sun 7951 KML Edge Banding7951 KMW7430X Snow
KML Edge BandingPearwood 1232 KML Edge Banding1232 KMAH7052XXX Snow
KML Edge BandingAlabama Cherry 0947 KML Edge Banding0947 KMD7028XXX Snow
KML Edge BandingBrazilwood 7946 KML Edge Banding7946 KMW7267X Snow
KML Edge BandingCandlelight 0600 KML Edge Banding0600 KMAH7231XXXXXXX Snow