Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Edge Banding Color Match Lookup  –  Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Use the below Color Matching PVC Edge banding look up tool to find your Edge banding color match. All color matching edge banding is available with peel and stick EeeZeeEdge or hot melt adhesive Air Banding for forced hot air edgebanding machines.

Edgebander Glue Pellets Cartridges

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Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingZhu WF227 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2277531X
Wood Veneer Edge BandingZebrawood Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWZEWZEXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingZebrano-Naturalle 9011-NT Formica Edge Banding9011-NT7462-natX
Formica Edge BandingZebrano-lux finish 9011-43 Formica Edge Banding9011-437462 DISC.X
Nevamar Edge BandingZebrano White WZ0080 Nevamar Edge BandingWZ00807870X
PanolamZebrano White W249 Panolam Edge BandingW2497870X
Abet Edge BandingZebrano Moro 1318 Abet Laminati Edge Banding13187150X
Wilson Art Edge BandingZanzibar 7957-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7957-787533X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingZambukka WF226 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2267394XX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingZambukka WF226 Medina Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2267698X
Uniboard Edge BandingZahara H51 Brushed Elm Uniboard Edge BandingH517779X
Nevamar Edge BandingYunnan WZ0063 Nevamar Edge BandingWZ00637764X
Pionite Edge BandingYorkshire Cherry WC411 Pionite Edge BandingWC4117047XXX
Nevamar Edge BandingXanadu Blue Bamboo WZ3001T Nevamar Edge BandingWZ3001T7448X
Wilson Art Edge BandingXanadu 7945-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7945-187427X
Nevamar Edge BandingWrought Iron S6054 Nevamar Edge BandingS60541628X
PanolamWrought Iron LL67 Panolam Edge BandingLL671628X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWoolamai Brush 4746-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4746-609334X
Nevamar Edge BandingWoodvine S5052 Nevamar Edge BandingS50521005X
TafisaWoodlawn Cherry L367 Tafisa Edge BandingL3677168XXX
American Laminates Edge BandingWoodlawn Cherry American Laminates Edge BandingWoodlawn Cherry7045XX
PanolamWoodland Birch W686 Panolam Edge BandingW6867062XX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer White Oak Edge Banding TapeWWOWWOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Walnut Edge Banding TapeWWAWWAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Lacewood Australian Q/C Edge Banding TapeWLAWLAXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Eucalyptus Qtr Edge Banding TapeWEUWEUXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Etimo Edge Banding TapeWRWWRWXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Ebony Macassar Q/C Edge Banding TapeWEBWEBXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Cherry Edge BandingWCHWCHXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Alder Edge Banding TapeWALWALXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingWood Strand 6213-58 Formica Edge Banding6213-587515X
Pionite Edge BandingWitchcraft WX421 Also In Stock .020 x 1-1/8WX421 H7244X
Pionite Edge BandingWisconsin Oak WO581 Pionite Edge BandingWO5817067X
Pionite Edge BandingWinter White SW836 Pionite Edge BandingSW8361668XXX
Uniboard Edge BandingWinter Oak 557 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding5577039X
Nevamar Edge BandingWinter Gray Matrix MR6005 Nevamar Edge BandingMR60059059X
TafisaWinter Fun M2004Y Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2004Y7816XX
Arborite Edge BandingWinter Elm W-460 Arborite Edge BandingW-4607496X
TafisaWinter Cherry L541 Tafisa Edge BandingL541 (A)7665XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept Pewter 4795-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4795-609203X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept Bronze 4794-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4794-609369X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept 4793-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4793-609252X
Duramine Edge BandingWindsor Mahohany 078 Duramine Edge Banding0787025X
American Laminates Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany American Laminates Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany7028XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7039-787025X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-7 Wilsonart Edge Banding7039-77025X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-607039-607028XX
KML Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039 KML Edge Banding7039 KMW7025X
Roseburg Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 078 Roseburg Edge Banding0787025X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWilsonart Edge Banding Colors Matching PVC EdgebandingWilsonart Edge BandingWilsonart Edge BandingX
PanolamWillow Grey S431 Panolam Edge BandingS4311306XXXXX
Arborite Edge BandingWillow Grey S-431 Arborite Edge BandingS-431 CA1306XXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingWillow Grey 802 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding8021306XXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWilliamsburg Cherry 7936-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7936-077511X
Nevamar Edge BandingWild Oats Matrix MR7002 Nevamar Edge BandingMR70029096X
PanolamWild Cherry W144 Panolam Edge BandingW1447045XX
Arborite Edge BandingWild Cherry W-404 Also in Stock .020 x 1-1/8W-4047192X
Decotone Edge BandingWild Cherry FMW54 Decotone Edge BandingFMW547116XXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWild Cherry 7054-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7054-607116XXXXX
Formica Edge BandingWild Cherry 5904-43 Formica Edge Banding5904-437030XX
Funder Edge BandingWild Cherry 563 Funder Edge Banding5637045XX
Dixielam Edge BandingWild Cherry 4563 Dixielam Edge Banding45637045XX
Roseburg Edge BandingWild Cherry 051 Roseburg Edge Banding0517116XXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWild Cherry 051 Duramine Edge Banding0517116XXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingWild Cherry (WA) American Laminates Edge BandingWild Cherry (WA)7224XXX
American Laminates Edge BandingWild Cherry (Arclin) American Laminates Edge BandingWild Cherry (Arclin)7224XXX
Roseburg Edge BandingWild Apple 665 Roseburg Edge Banding6657201XXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWild Apple 665 Duramine Edge Banding6657201XXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite Woodgrain B21W Premoule Edge BandingB21W7004X
Uniboard Edge BandingWhite White 777 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding7771253XXXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWhite W555 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingW5551253XXXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWhite W300 Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingW3001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWhite W100 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingW1001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingWhite Twill 9285-58 Formica Edge Banding9285-589512X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Tigris 4783-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4783-609444X
LaminArt Edge BandingWhite Sycamore 3066 LaminArt Edge Banding30667071X
Pionite Edge BandingWhite SW811 Pionite Edge BandingSW8111253XXXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingWhite Spektrum AW785 Pionite Edge BandingAW7859138X
Pluswood Edge BandingWhite Spectrum 10P Pluswood Edge Banding10P9079X
Premoule Edge BandingWhite Satin Textured C35S Premoule Edge BandingC35S1253XXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Sand D403-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD403-601721XXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingWhite Phantasy PH7001 Nevamar Edge BandingPH70019177X
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWhite Oak Rift Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWORIWWORIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
AllWhite Oak Rift Veneer Sheets 2 Ply SmVWOR-04X08-RFT-DW
AllWhite Oak Flaky 2PlyVWO-04X08-QTF-DW
AllWhite Oak Flaky 10MilVWO-04X08-QTF-10M
AllWhite Oak F/C 2Ply SmVWO-04X08-FC-DW
AllWhite Oak F/C 21MVWO-04X10-FC-21M
AllWhite Oak F/C SanplyVWO-04X08-FC-SP4
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Nebula 4621-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4621-609063X
Formica Edge BandingWhite Markerboard 20949-90 Formica Edge Banding20949-901770GXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite LT 2125 XMS Decotone Edge BandingLT 2125 XMS1253XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite LT 2125 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT 2125 TX1253XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite LT 2114 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT 2114 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaWhite L175 Tafisa Edge BandingL1751253XXXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite Gloss R49L Premoule Edge BandingR49L1079GXX
Formica Edge BandingWhite Gloss 949-90 Formica Edge Banding949-901770GXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite FL49 TX Decotone Edge BandingFL49 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingWhite Essence ES7001 Nevamar Edge BandingES70019155X
Pionite Edge BandingWhite Elm WE261 Pionite Edge BandingWE2617105X
Formica Edge BandingWhite Drops 8824-58 Formica Edge Banding8824-589497X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Driftwood 8200K-16 Wilson Art Edge Banding8200K-167843X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Cypress 7976K-12 Wilsonart Edge Banding7976K-127506XXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite Chocolate P492W Premoule Edge BandingP492W7506XXX
TafisaWhite Chocolate L492 Tafisa Edge BandingL4927506XXX
Dackor Edge BandingWhite Chocolate D071 Dackor Edge BandingD0717506XXX
AllWhite Birch R/C 10MilVWB-04X08-RC-10M
AllWhite Birch R/C 10MilVWB-04X10-RC-10M
AllWhite Birch F/C Sanply4VWB-04X08-FC-SP4
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Barn 7977K-12 Wilsonart Edge Banding PVC Edgebanding7977K-127840X
Premoule Edge BandingWhite B21R Premoule Edge BandingB21R1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
LaminArt Edge BandingWhite Ash 971 LaminArt Edge Banding9717508X
Formica Edge BandingWhite Ash 8841-WR Formica Edge Banding8841-WR7721XX
LaminArt Edge BandingWhite Ash 3074 LaminArt Edge Banding30747736X
Abet Edge BandingWhite Ash 1385 Abet Laminati Edge Banding13857660XXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingWhite American Laminates Edge BandingWhite1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite A31S Premoule Edge BandingA31S1800X
Formica Edge BandingWhite 949-58 Formica Edge Banding949-581770XXXX
Formica Edge BandingWhite 949 Formica Edge Banding SUBSTITUTE9491079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingWhite 291 Roseburg Edge Banding2911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWhite 291 Duramine Edge Banding2911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite 1570-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1570-601311X
Roseburg Edge BandingWhite 011 Roseburg Edge Banding0111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWhite 011 Duramine Edge Banding0111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingWhispering Wind WX4600 Nevamar Edge BandingWX46007900X
Formica Edge BandingWheat Strand 6212-58 Formica Edge Banding6212-587516X
Pionite Edge BandingWheat Fiber AT991 Pionite Edge BandingAT9919120X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern White 4869-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4869-609406X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Suede 4871-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4871-609408X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Storm 4872-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4872-609410X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Iron 4875-60 to non standard line 3/5/144875-609412 DISC.X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWESTERN HILLS 4874-60 to non standard line 3/5/144874-609411 DISC.X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Bronze 4873-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4873-389409X
Abet Edge BandingWenge Zambia 312 Abet Laminati Edge Banding3127396X
Formica Edge BandingWenge Woodline 6927-NT Formica Edge Banding6927-NT7189X
Arborite Edge BandingWenge W-412 Also In Stock .020 x 1-1/8W-4127244X
Abet Edge BandingWenge Tropico 1714 Abet Laminati Edge Banding17147527X
Formica Edge BandingWenge Strand 6306-58 Formica Edge Banding6306-587527X
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWenge Qtr Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWEWWEXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWenge P601W Premoule Edge BandingP601W7350X
KML Edge BandingWenge 7129 Smooth KML Edge Banding (7/8 ONLY)7129 KMD7680XX
TafisaWeekend Getaway M2003 Tafisa Viva Edge BandingM2003Y7819XX
Premoule Edge BandingWeekend Gateway A3WT Premoule Edge BandingA3WT7819XX
Pionite Edge BandingWedding Cake WT790 Pionite Edge BandingWT7907797X
PanolamWedding Cake W369 Panolam Edge BandingW3697797X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWeathered Vane WF407 Medina Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF4077758X
Nevamar Edge BandingWeathered Storm WP3000 Nevamar Edge BandingWP30007887X
PanolamWeathered Storm W61D Panolam Edge BandingW61D7887X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWeathered Char 8204K-16 Wilsonart Edge Banding8204K-167815X
Formica Edge BandingWeathered Ash 8842-WR Formica Edge Banding8842-WR7953XX
Formica Edge BandingWeather Fiberwood 8914-NG Formica Edge Banding8914-NG7873X
Nevamar Edge BandingWashington Apple WF0002 Nevamar Edge BandingWF00027278XXX
Formica Edge BandingWashed Knotty Ash 6438-58 Formica Edge Banding6438-587868X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWarehouse Oak 7969-12 Wilsonart Edge Banding7969-127503XX
Pionite Edge BandingWanderer HP272 Pionite Edge BandingHP2727312XX
Formica Edge BandingWalnut Riftwood 9283-NG Formica Edge Banding PVC Edgebanding9283 NG7844X
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWalnut Qtr Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWAQTWWAQTXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWalnut P194W Premoule Edge BandingP194W7547X
Decotone Edge BandingWalnut LT-0314POL Decotone Edge BandingLT-0314POL7511X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWalnut Heights 7965-12 Wilsonart Edge Banding7965-127709XXX
Pionite Edge BandingWalnut Grove WW050-SD Pionite Edge BandingWW050-SD7891X
PanolamWalnut Grove W148 Panolam Edge BandingW1487891X
Arborite Edge BandingWalnut Fudge W-418 Arborite Edge BandingW-418 FP7425X
Formica Edge BandingWalnut Fiberwood 8915-NG Formica Edge Banding8915-NG7884X
AllWalnut F/C 2Ply SmVWA-04X08-FC-DWSM
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWalnut Amati WF263 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2637349X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWallaby D439-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD439-601315X
PanolamWalk on the Beach W113 Panolam Edge BandingW1137384 DISC.X
Formica Edge BandingVosges Pear 1150-43 Also in Stock .020 x 1-1/81150-437192X
Uniboard Edge BandingViva Walnut G21 Bistro Uniboard Edge BandingG217503XX
AllVirutex Biscuit Joiner AB1111TAB1111TT-AB1111T
Nevamar Edge BandingVioline S3055 Also Available .018 1-1/4 In StockS30551664X
Formica Edge BandingViolin Figured Anigre 7285-58 Formica Edge Banding7285-587121X
Uniboard Edge BandingVintage H66 Rio Uniboard Edge BandingH667694X
PanolamVienna Cherry W289 Panolam Edge BandingW2897715X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVictorian White SF100 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF1001637X
Formica Edge BandingVictorian Mahogany 7583-58 Formica Edge Banding7583-587024XXX
Pionite Edge BandingVictorian Cherry WC331 Pionite Edge BandingWC3317032X
Uniboard Edge BandingVibrant Green K12 Uniboard Edge BandingK121780X
Formica Edge BandingVibrant Green 6901-58 Formica Edge Banding6901-581780X
Nevamar Edge BandingVeto Proof RK7002T Nevamar Edge BandingRK7002T9496X
TafisaVery Chic L666 Tafisa Edge BandingL6667350X
Wilson Art Edge BandingVersailles Anigre 7923-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7923-077289XX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVerona Cherry WF232 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2327143X
Nevamar Edge BandingVermont Maple WM5528E Nevamar Edge BandingWM5528E7147X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVerismo WF202 Medina Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2027698X
Arpa Edge BandingVerde Limone 0533 Arpa Edge Banding05331795X
Abet Edge BandingVerde Lauro 450 Abet Laminati Edge Banding4501091XX
Abet Edge BandingVerde Erbetta 460 Abet Laminati Edge Banding4601824X
Arpa Edge BandingVerde Barbados 0636 Arpa Edge Banding06361091XX
Decotone Edge BandingVerde Abete LC1054 TX Decotone Edge BandingLC1054 TX1091XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingVeranda Teak Gloss 8209K-28 Wilson Art Edge Banding8209K-287851X
Nevamar Edge BandingVenerable Old Oak WK0017T Nevamar Edge BandingWK0017 T7707X
Uniboard Edge BandingVelvet Wenge G15 Uniboard Edge BandingG157925X
TafisaVeil Of Mist L766 Tafisa Edge BandingL7661790X
Wilson Art Edge BandingVapor Strandz 4939-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding4939-189476X
Nevamar Edge BandingVantage Point Walnut WW0013N Nevamar Edge BandingWW0013N7305X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVanilla Stix WF294 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2947688X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVanilla Stix WF294 Medina Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWF2947688X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVanilla SF200 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF2001065XXXXXXXXX