Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Edge Banding Color Match Lookup  –  Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Use the below Color Matching PVC Edge banding look up tool to find your Edge banding color match. All color matching edge banding is available with peel and stick EeeZeeEdge or hot melt adhesive Air Banding for forced hot air edgebanding machines.

Edgebander Glue Pellets Cartridges

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Edgeco No.
Master Coils

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Wood Veneer Edge BandingMaple Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWMAWMAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Alder Edge Banding TapeWALWALXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingAnigre Figured Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWANWANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingAnigre F/C Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWANWANXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingAsh White Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWASWASXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBamboo Caramel Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWBAWBAXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBamboo Light Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWBAWBAXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBeech Wood Veneer Edge BandingWBEWBEXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBirch Wood Veneer Edge BandingWBIWBIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBirdseye Maple Wood Veneer Edge BandingWBMWBMXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingBubinga Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWBUWBUXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Cherry Edge BandingWCHWCHXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingCypress Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWCYWCYXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Ebony Macassar Q/C Edge Banding TapeWEBWEBXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingEnglish Brown Oak Wood Veneer Edge BandingWEOWEOXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Eucalyptus Qtr Edge Banding TapeWEUWEUXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Etimo Edge Banding TapeWRWWRWXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingFir Vertical Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWFIWFIXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingHickory Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWHIWHIXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingMahogany Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWHMWHMXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Lacewood Australian Q/C Edge Banding TapeWLAWLAXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingLyptus Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWLYWLYXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingMaple Figured Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWMAWMAXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingMakore Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWMKWMKXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingMulti-ply Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWMUWMUXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPecan Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWHIWHIXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingEucalyptus Plain Green Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWEUWEUXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPine Clear White Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWPIWPIXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPoplar Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWPOWPOXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPearwood Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWPWWPWXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingRed Birch Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWRBWRBXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingCedar Western Red Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWCEWCEXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingMozambique Wood Veneer Edge BandingWMOWMOXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingRed Oak Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWROWROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingRosewood African Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWRWWRWXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingSapele Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWSAWSAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingSycamore English Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWSYWSYXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingTeak Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWTEWTEXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingRed Oak Rift Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWRORIWRORIXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingRosewood Santos Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWRWWRWXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer Walnut Edge Banding TapeWWAWWAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWalnut Qtr Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWAQTWWAQTXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWenge Qtr Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWEWWEXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWood Veneer White Oak Edge Banding TapeWWOWWOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingWhite Oak Rift Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWORIWWORIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingZebrawood Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWZEWZEXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Cherry Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWCHWCHXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Mahogany Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWHMWHMXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Maple Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWMAWMAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Red Oak Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWROWROXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Walnut Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWAWWAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished Birch Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWBIWBIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingPre-Finished White Oak Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWWOWWOXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wood Veneer Edge BandingChestnut Wood Veneer Edge Banding TapeWCHESWCHESXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept Bronze 4794-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4794-609369X
Wilson Art Edge BandingLimber Maple 10734-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding10734-607010XXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingEmpire Mahogany 7122-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7122-077199X
Wilson Art Edge BandingKarratha Brush 4744-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4744-609326X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-607039-607028XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingGreen Tigris 4667-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4667-609433X
Wilson Art Edge BandingKenya Mahogany 7958-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7958-787523X
Wilson Art Edge BandingHarvest Maple 7953-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7953-387524X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBerry Fizz49359488X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7039-787025X
Wilson Art Edge BandingHampton Walnut 7959-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7959-787510X
Wilson Art Edge BandingStudio Teak 7960-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7960-187513XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingCafelle 7933-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7933-077455X
Wilson Art Edge BandingUptown Walnut 7971-12 Wilsonart Edge Banding7971-127720XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWoolamai Brush 4746-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4746-609334X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSoft Gold Mesh 4911-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4911-389475X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGilded Mesh 4912-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4912-389470X
Wilson Art Edge BandingDesert Zephyr 4841-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4841-609357X
Wilson Art Edge BandingHonduran Mahogany 7956-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7956-787492X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Rift7954-387865X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAloe 7962-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7962-187530X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPort D14-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD14-601202XXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingShaker Cherry 7935-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7935-077501X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWilliamsburg Cherry 7936-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7936-077511X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNew Age Oak 7938-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7938-387405X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAsian Sun 7951-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7951-187430X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAsian Night 7949-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7949-187429XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingMambo 7948-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7948-077428X
Wilson Art Edge BandingRio 7947-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7947-187485X
Wilson Art Edge BandingXanadu 7945-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7945-187427X
Wilson Art Edge BandingMadagascar 7944-01 Wilsonart Edge Banding7944-017426X
Wilson Art Edge BandingColumbian Walnut 7943-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7943-077425X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTan Echo 7941-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7941-187424X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBlond Echo 7939-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding7939-187423X
Wilson Art Edge BandingRustic Slate 4888-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4888-389419X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTan Soapstone 4887-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4887-389418X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPearl Soapstone 4886-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4886-389417X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGreen Soapstone 4885-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4885-389416X
Wilson Art Edge BandingFlame Soapstone 4884-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4884-389415X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSable Soapstone 4883-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4883-389414X
Wilson Art Edge BandingOiled Soapstone 4882-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4882-389413X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Iron 4875-60 to non standard line 3/5/144875-609412 DISC.X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWESTERN HILLS 4874-60 to non standard line 3/5/144874-609411 DISC.X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Bronze 4873-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4873-389409X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Storm 4872-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4872-609410X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern Suede 4871-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4871-609408X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWestern White 4869-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4869-609406X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGold Alchemy 4861-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding4861-077432X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSilver Alchemy 4860-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding4860-077431X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSpiced Zephyr 4859-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4859-609405X
Wilson Art Edge BandingShadow Zephyr 4857-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4857-609107X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCloud Zephyr 4856-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4856-609404X
Wilson Art Edge BandingMission Glaze 4854-38 to non standard line 3/5/144854-389173 DISC.X
Wilson Art Edge BandingMission Stone 4853-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4853-389421X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSheer Mesh 4876-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4876-389394X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPewter Mesh 4878-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4878-389395X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSteel Mesh 4879-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4879-389396X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCarbon Mesh 4880-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding4880-389397X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAtlantis D25-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD25-601205X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Almond D30-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD30-601065XXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingKhaki Brown D50-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD50-601212X
Wilson Art Edge BandingHunter Green D79-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD79-601091XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingNorth Sea D90-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD90-601071XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingSlate Grey D91-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD91-601219XXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingDove Grey D92-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD92-601316XXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingShadow D96-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD96-601221XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingHaze D97-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD97-601066XXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingHollyberry D307-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD307-601230X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPlatinum D315-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD315-601624X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBrittany Blue D321-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD321-601238XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingZanzibar 7957-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7957-787533X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPepperdust D327-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD327-601241XXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingSand D331-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD331-601053XXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingDesigner White D354-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD354-601253XXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingIndigo D379-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD379-601093X
Wilson Art Edge BandingFashion Grey D381-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD381-601070XXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Sand D403-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD403-601721XXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingLapis Blue D417-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD417-601619X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAlabaster D431-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD431-601637X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWallaby D439-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD439-601315X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCafe Creme D456-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD456-601622X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAmazon D478-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD478-601689X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGrey 1500-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1500-601306XXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingPutty 1503-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1503-601074X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBeige 1530-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1530-601829XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingLight Beige 1531-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1531-601310XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite 1570-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1570-601311X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAntique White 1572-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1572-601312XXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingFrosty White 1573-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1573-601668XXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingBlack 60 Finish 1595-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1595-601057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingAlmond Leather 2932-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding2932-609108X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGrey Glace 4142-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4142-609074X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNeutral Glace 4143-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4143-609080X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPampas 4166-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4166-609125X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGrey Pampas 4168-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4168-609162X
Wilson Art Edge BandingKalahari Topaz 4588-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding4588-079457X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCaldera Beige 4608-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4608-609194X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Nebula 4621-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4621-609063X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGrey Nebula 4622-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4622-609219X
Wilson Art Edge BandingGraphite Nebula 4623-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4623-609069X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCloud Nebula 4630-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4630-609030X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Nebula 4633-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4633-609004X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNavy Legacy 4651-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4651-609174X
Wilson Art Edge BandingOlive Legacy 4654-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4654-609127X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBronze Legacy 4656-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4656-609198X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTawny Legacy 4663-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4663-609210X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Tigris 4669-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4669-609136XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingSaffron Tigris 4673-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4673-609254X
Wilson Art Edge BandingEvening Tigris 4674-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4674-609255XXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingMaroochy Brush 4745-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4745-609469X
Wilson Art Edge BandingMystique Dawn 4762 Wilsonart Edge Banding47629428X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPewter Brush 4779-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4779-609431X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWhite Tigris 4783-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4783-609444X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept 4793-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4793-609252X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindswept Pewter 4795-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4795-609203X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBurnished Chestnut 4796-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4796-609260X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTitanium EV 4810-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4810-609342X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSilicon EV 4811-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4811-609343X
Wilson Art Edge BandingNickel EV 4813-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4813-609345X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTungsten EV 4814-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4814-609346X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCarbon EV 4820-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4820-609293X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAntique Brush 4823-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding4823-609339X
Wilson Art Edge BandingSatin Stainless 4830-18 Wilsonart Edge Banding4830-189447XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingWindsor Mahogany 7039-7 Wilsonart Edge Banding7039-77025X
Wilson Art Edge BandingFigure Mahogany 7040-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7040-787083X
Wilson Art Edge BandingWild Cherry 7054-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7054-607116XXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Pear 7061-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding Also Avail. 7/8 2MM7061-607035XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingCongo Spruce 7062 Wilsonart Edge Banding70627084XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingMontana Walnut 7110-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7110-787684XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingNepal Teak 7209-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7209-787015X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBannister Oak 7806-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7806-607012XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingSolar Oak 7816-60 Also in Stock .020 x 1-3/47816-607086X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBeigewood 7850-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7850-607087X
Wilson Art Edge BandingEnglish Oak 7885-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7885-787197XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingGolden Oak 7888 Wilsonart Edge Banding78887021X
Wilson Art Edge BandingFusion Maple 7909-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7909-607029XXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingManitoba Maple 7911-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding7911-607053X
Wilson Art Edge BandingAmber Cherry 7919-78 Wilsonart Edge Banding7919-787208X
Wilson Art Edge BandingTuscan Walnut 7921-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7921-387206X
Wilson Art Edge BandingBrighton Walnut 7922-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7922-077489X
Wilson Art Edge BandingVersailles Anigre 7923-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7923-077289XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingBiltmore Cherry 7924-07 Wilsonart Edge Banding7924-077287X
Wilson Art Edge BandingMonticello Maple 7925-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7925-387285X
Wilson Art Edge BandingCastle Oak 7928-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7928-387288X
Wilson Art Edge BandingHuntington Maple 7929-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7929-387435X
Wilson Art Edge BandingRiver Cherry 7937-38 Wilsonart Edge Banding7937-387395X