Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Edge Banding Color Match Lookup  –  Edge Banding Color Match Lookup

Use the below Color Matching PVC Edge banding look up tool to find your Edge banding color match. All color matching edge banding is available with peel and stick EeeZeeEdge or hot melt adhesive Air Banding for forced hot air edgebanding machines.

Edgebander Glue Pellets Cartridges

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Nevamar Edge BandingWoodvine S5052 Nevamar Edge BandingS50521005X
Pionite Edge BandingMoss Gray SG240 Pionite Edge BandingSG2401005X
Formica Edge BandingSail White 463-58 Formica Edge Banding463-581021XX
Nevamar Edge BandingPorcelain S2050 Nevamar Edge BandingS20501023XX
Pionite Edge BandingPebble ST683 Pionite Edge BandingST6831023XX
Formica Edge BandingMojave 8751-58 Formica Edge Banding8751-581023X
Abet Edge BandingSahara Beige 1816 Abet Laminati Edge Banding18161023X
Formica Edge BandingStop Red 839-58 Formica Edge Banding839-581027X
Nevamar Edge BandingCarmen Red S1049 Nevamar Edge BandingS10491027X
Formica Edge BandingSpectrum Red 845-58 2MM 1-3/4 In Stock845-581030XX
Nevamar Edge BandingLiberty Red S1027 2mm 1-3/4 In StockS10271030XX
PanolamPrism Red S597 1-3/4 2MM In StockS5971030XX
Pionite Edge BandingNavajo Red SR505 2mm 1-3/4 In StockSR5051030XX
Pluswood Edge BandingNavajo Red 22S Pluswood Edge Banding22S1030XX
Abet Edge BandingRosso 431 Abet Laminati Edge Banding4311030XX
Dackor Edge BandingRacing Red S045 Dackor Edge BandingS0451030XX
Uniboard Edge BandingSpectrum Red K09 Uniboard Edge BandingK091030XX
Arborite Edge BandingUltramarine S-497 Arborite Edge BandingS-497 CA1032X
Formica Edge BandingSpectrum Blue 851-58 Formica Edge Banding851-581032X
PanolamPrism Blue S599 Panolam Edge BandingS5991032X
Pionite Edge BandingRoyal Blue SB009 Pionite Edge BandingSB0091032X
Pluswood Edge BandingRoyal Blue 14S Pluswood Edge Banding14S1032X
Uniboard Edge BandingSpectrum Blue K10 Uniboard Edge BandingK101032X
Decotone Edge BandingCerulean D-2221 TX Decotone Edge BandingD-2221 TX1032X
Formica Edge BandingPumice 858-58 Formica Edge Banding858-581037XX
PanolamPumice S491 Panolam Edge BandingS4911037XX
Formica Edge BandingDesert Beige 899-58 Formica Edge Banding899-581053XXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingSand D331-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD331-601053XXX
Formica Edge BandingPlatinum 902-58 Formica Edge Banding902-581055X
Nevamar Edge BandingPlatinum Gray S6023 Nevamar Edge BandingS60231055X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingBlack BLK100 Suede Texture Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingBLK1001057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingJett Black Crystal S6053C Nevamar Edge BandingS6053 C1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingBlack Crystal G909C Premoule Edge BandingG909C1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingBlack 006 Duramine Edge Banding0061057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingBlack 107 Funder Edge Banding1071057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingClassic Black 631 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding6311057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
KML Edge BandingBlack 0002 KML Edge Banding0002 KMAU1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingBlack 006 Roseburg Edge Banding0061057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamBlack S405 Panolam Edge BandingS4051057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingNovablack 888 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding8881057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingBlack SE101 Pionite Edge BandingSE1011057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaBlack L203 Tafisa Edge BandingL2031057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingBlack 60 Finish 1595-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1595-601057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingBlack 909-42 Formica Edge Banding909-421057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingBlack 90S Pluswood Edge Banding90S1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingBlack 4107 Dixielam Edge Banding41071057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingBlack American Laminates Edge BandingBlack1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Abet Edge BandingNero 421 Abet Laminati Edge Banding4211057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dackor Edge BandingCrystal Black S002 Dackor Edge BandingS0021057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamRaven LL62 Panolam Edge BandingLL621057XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingBlack FL121TX Decotone Edge BandingFL121 TX1057XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Arborite Edge BandingBlackS-405 CA1057BX
Formica Edge BandingBlack 909-58 Formica Edge Banding909-581057BX
Nevamar Edge BandingBlack S6001 Nevamar Edge BandingS60011057BX
Dackor Edge BandingEggshell Black Claw S037 Dackor Edge BandingS0371057BX
Premoule Edge BandingA32S Black Premoule Edge BandingA32S1057BX
LaminArt Edge BandingCarbon Black 9215-E LaminArt Edge Banding9215-E1057BX
Formica Edge BandingBlack Gloss 909-90 Formica Edge Banding909-901057GXX
Premoule Edge BandingBlack Gloss R42L Premoule Edge BandingR42L1057GXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingBlack Gloss 1595-01 G Wilsonart Edge Banding1595-01 G1057GXX
Nevamar Edge BandingJett Black Gloss S6053G Nevamar Edge BandingS6053G1057GXX
Arpa Edge BandingAragosta 0500G Arpa Edge Banding0500G1057GXX
Abet Edge BandingNero Gloss 421 Abet Laminati Edge Banding421 Gloss1057GXX
Dackor Edge BandingHigh Gloss Black 2 H021 Dackor Edge BandingH0211057GXX
Formica Edge BandingBlack 909 Infiniti Formica Edge Banding909 Infiniti1057XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingBlack Velvet 15505 Wilsonart Edge Banding155051057XX
Formica Edge BandingStorm 912-58 Formica Edge Banding912-581059XXX
PanolamStorm Gray S565 Panolam Edge BandingS5651059XXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingStorm SF239 Arauco-Flakeboard Edge Banding PVC Edge BandingSF2391059XXX
Formica Edge BandingStorm Gloss 912-90 Formica Edge Banding912-901059GX
Pionite Edge BandingTaupe ST606 Pionite Edge BandingST6061063X
Formica Edge BandingNeutral White 918-58 Formica Edge Banding918-581064X
Arborite Edge BandingAlmond S-445 Arborite Edge BandingS-445 CA1065XXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingOpal SF204 Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF2041065XXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingAlmond 4823 Dixielam Edge Banding48231065XXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingAlmond 016 Duramine Edge Banding0161065XXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingAlmond 920-58 Formica Edge Banding920-581065XXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingAlmond 823 Funder Edge Banding8231065XXXXXXXXX
KML Edge BandingAlmond 0730 KML Edge Banding0730 KMD1065XXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingAlmond 016 Roseburg Edge Banding0161065XXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingEnglish Lace S2085 Nevamar Edge BandingS20851065XXXXXXXXX
PanolamNatural Almond S402 Panolam Edge BandingS4021065XXXXXXXXX
PanolamAlmond S445 Panolam Edge BandingS4451065XXXXXXXXX
PanolamAlmondie S556 Panolam Edge BandingS5561065XXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingAlmond 136 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding1361065XXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingNew England Almond 920 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding9201065XXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingAlmond ST655 Pionite Edge BandingST6551065XXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingAlmond B30R Premoule Edge BandingB30R1065XXXXXXXXX
TafisaAlmond L200 Tafisa Edge BandingL2001065XXXXXXXXX
TafisaAlmondine L258 Tafisa Edge BandingL2581065XXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingNatural Almond D30-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD30-601065XXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingAlmond 50S Pluswood Edge Banding50S1065XXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingVanilla SF200 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF2001065XXXXXXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingAlmond American Laminates Edge BandingAlmond1065XXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingAlmond A920 Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingA9201065XXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingAlmond LT-0920 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT-09201065XXXXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingAlmond S2037 Nevamar Edge BandingS20371065XXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingAlmond Gloss 920-90 Formica Edge Banding920-901065GX
Wilson Art Edge BandingAlmond Gloss D30-01 G Wilsonart Edge BandingD30-01 G1065GX
PanolamBirch S569 Panolam Edge BandingS5691066XXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingHaze D97-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD97-601066XXXX
Formica Edge BandingSurf 923-58 Formica Edge Banding923-581067X
PanolamSurf S568 Panolam Edge BandingS5681067X
Pionite Edge BandingAsh Gray SG254 Pionite Edge BandingSG2541067X
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingFolkstone SF208 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF2081070XXXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingFolkstone 4955 Dixielam Edge Banding49551070XXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingFolkstone 108 Duramine Edge Banding1081070XXXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingFolkstone 927-58 Formica Edge Banding927-581070XXXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingFolkstone 955 Funder Edge Banding9551070XXXXXXXXXX
KML Edge BandingFolkstone 0601 KML Edge Banding0601 KMAU1070XXXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingFolkstone 108 Roseburg Edge Banding1081070XXXXXXXXXX
PanolamCustom Grey S548 Panolam Edge BandingS5481070XXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingSunset Grey 805 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding8051070XXXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingFolkstone Gray SG241 Pionite Edge BandingSG2411070XXXXXXXXXX
TafisaSummer Drops L202 Tafisa Edge BandingL2021070XXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingFashion Grey D381-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD381-601070XXXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingFolkstone 70S Pluswood Edge Banding70S1070XXXXXXXXXX
Dackor Edge BandingSolid Folkstone Gray S055 Dackor Edge BandingS0551070XXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingFolkstone Gloss 927-90 Formica Edge Banding927-901070GX
Wilson Art Edge BandingPlatinum Gloss D315-01 G Wilsonart Edge BandingD315-01 G1070GX
Formica Edge BandingMouse 928-58 Formica Edge Banding928-581071XX
Pionite Edge BandingBankers Gray SG214 Pionite Edge BandingSG2141071XX
Wilson Art Edge BandingNorth Sea D90-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD90-601071XX
Arpa Edge BandingGrigio Nembo 0595 Arpa Edge Banding05951071XX
PanolamBankers Gray PN51 Panolam Edge BandingPN511071XX
Formica Edge BandingOyster Grey 929-58 Formica Edge Banding929-581072X
PanolamNew Oyster Grey S495 Panolam Edge BandingS4951072X
Uniboard Edge BandingCalamare 807 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding8071072X
Wilson Art Edge BandingPutty 1503-60 Wilsonart Edge Banding1503-601074X
Arpa Edge BandingBianco Mandorla 0227 Arpa Edge Banding02271074X
Formica Edge BandingAntique White 932-58 Formica Edge Banding932-581075XXX
Dackor Edge BandingAntique White S009 Dackor Edge BandingS0091075XXX
Nevamar Edge BandingAntique White S7005 Nevamar Edge BandingS70051075XX
Formica Edge BandingMission White 933-58 Formica Edge Banding933-581076XXX
Formica Edge BandingPearl 934-58 Formica Edge Banding934-581077X
Arpa Edge BandingMadreperla 2516 Arpa Edge Banding25161077X
TafisaClassic White L178 Tafisa Edge BandingL1781079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaGlacier White L191 Tafisa Edge BandingL1911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingBleached White 811 Funder Edge Banding8111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingCloud White 4811 Dixielam Edge Banding48111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingMcKinley White 4971 Dixielam Edge Banding49711079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingClassic White 300 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding3001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingWhite 011 Roseburg Edge Banding0111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWhite 011 Duramine Edge Banding0111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaFroth Of The Sea L080 Tafisa Edge BandingL0801079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamOxford White S411 Panolam Edge BandingS4111079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamSnow White S417 Panolam Edge BandingS4171079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamInternational White S557 Panolam Edge BandingS5571079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingGlacier White 20S Pluswood Edge Banding20S1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Uniboard Edge BandingSuper White 113 Dolomite Uniboard Edge Banding1131079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingMcKinley White 971 Funder Edge Banding9711079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingGalaxy White 10S Pluswood Edge Banding10S1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingCarnation White SW806 Pionite Edge BandingSW8061079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
TafisaVanilla Orchid L100 PVC EdgebandingL1001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite B21R Premoule Edge BandingB21R1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingRoosevelt White 971 Funder Edge Banding9711079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingWhite 949 Formica Edge Banding SUBSTITUTE9491079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWhite W100 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingW1001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingWhite American Laminates Edge BandingWhite1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingAmLam White American Laminates Edge BandingAmLam White1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingLinen D427-60 Wilsonart Edge BandingD427-601079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingWhite W300 Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingW3001079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Abet Edge BandingBianco Ghiaccio 410 Abet Laminati Edge Banding4101079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Dackor Edge BandingSolid Frosty White S003 Dackor Edge BandingS0031079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PanolamGalaxy White S499 Panolam Edge BandingS4991079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingWhite 291 Duramine Edge Banding2911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingWhite 291 Roseburg Edge Banding2911079XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingVanilla LT-2109 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT-2109 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite LT 2114 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT 2114 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingPolar White LT 2111 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT 2111 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingWhite FL49 TX Decotone Edge BandingFL49 TX1079XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Premoule Edge BandingWhite Gloss R49L Premoule Edge BandingR49L1079GXX
Wilson Art Edge BandingFrosty White Gloss 1573-01 G Wilsonart Edge Banding1573-01 G1079GXX
Abet Edge BandingBianco Ghiaccio Gloss 410 Abet Laminati Edge Banding410 Gloss1079GXX
Dackor Edge BandingHigh Gloss White H012 Dackor Edge BandingH0121079GXX
Decotone Edge BandingVanilla LT-2109 GPC Decotone Edge BandingLT-2109 GPC1079GX
Arborite Edge BandingSand S-436 Arborite Edge BandingS-436 CA1085XX
Pionite Edge BandingBeige ST617 Pionite Edge BandingST6171085XX
Nevamar Edge BandingBeige S2019 Nevamar Edge BandingS20191085XX
Arborite Edge BandingSilver Grey S-406 Arborite Edge BandingS-406 CA1086XXXXXXXXX
Dixielam Edge BandingFog 4128 Dixielam Edge Banding41281086XXXXXXXXX
Duramine Edge BandingLondon Grey 022 Duramine Edge Banding0221086XXXXXXXXX
Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingFog Gray SF213 Suede Arauco-Flakeboard Edge BandingSF2131086XXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingFog 961-58 Formica Edge Banding961-581086XXXXXXXXX
Funder Edge BandingFog 128 Funder Edge Banding1281086XXXXXXXXX
KML Edge BandingFog Grey 0722 KML Edge Banding0722 KMD1086XXXXXXXXX
Roseburg Edge BandingLondon Grey 022 Roseburg Edge Banding0221086XXXXXXXXX
Nevamar Edge BandingNeutral Gray S6012 Nevamar Edge BandingS60121086XXXXXXXXX
PanolamFog Grey S551 Panolam Edge BandingS5511086XXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingOpti Gray SG213 Pionite Edge BandingSG2131086XXXXXXXXX
Pionite Edge BandingDolphin Gray SG246 Pionite Edge BandingSG2461086XXXXXXXXX
TafisaShadows L201 Tafisa Edge BandingL2011086XXXXXXXXX
Pluswood Edge BandingFog 75S Pluswood Edge Banding75S1086XXXXXXXXX
American Laminates Edge BandingOpti Grey American Laminates Edge BandingOpti Grey1086XXXXXXXXX
Dackor Edge BandingSolid Opti Gray S019 Dackor Edge BandingS0191086XXXXXXXXX
Decotone Edge BandingFog LT-2108 TX Decotone Edge BandingLT-2108-TX1086XXXXXXXXXX
Formica Edge BandingHunter Green 967-58 Formica Edge Banding967-581091XX
Pionite Edge BandingBoxwood SV704 Pionite Edge BandingSV7041091XX